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What is Zyrri ?

Zyrri is a ZRC-20 token that empowers and protects data
while giving back control of individuals over their informations.

Zyrri is a personal token that authenticates individuals
Identity through electronic means by storing
a collection of personal data.

As Zyrri token owners, you take part in a living space
and network of Eco-villages : Tumaïni
Eco-habitats designed to provide access to
sustainable, ecological and secured services

What problems does Zyrri and its blockchain addresses?

The blockchain on which Zyrri is based
solves the lack of trust between third
This technology eliminates malicious data
or code modification as well as unauthorized
intermediaries from any side.

By allowing each party to see the
same data, the origin and the moment,
the blockchain can help to eliminate
the complex and costly data reconciliation
required by most management systems.

Continuous availability of reliable data
between different actors eliminates the
lack of connectivity and encourages a safe
and reliable collaboration across the value chain.

Zyrri meets the specific requirements of
reorganization and simplification for supply chains.
Especially in the food and energy sectors.
However, its application may extend to
other markets and industries

The characteristics
of the Zyrri token

Zyrri represents a trusted Eco-system
designed to fuel a fair, balanced and
sustainable community.
Zyrri takes pas in designing a new
development model

Zyrri is built on the Wethio Blockchain and
powers a complete ecosystem.
Zyrri thus participates in the creation of a
system of trust between parties via a
peer-to-peer transactions model without
third parties or clashes

Zyrri token transactions are carried out
through a secure mechanism which is based
on smart contracts

Related projects

Wethio is a public blockchain that meets the needs of entrepreneurs, companies and institutions wishing to work on high-performance and feature-rich value chain projects.

Tumaïni villages are, above all, a human and ideological adventure.
A commitment that represents the choice to build a sustainable life that is more respectful of the environment.

We affirm that the satellite "Internet and communication" services remain one of the rare areas of freedom today.
In addition, this initiative contributes to the transparency, trust and efficiency in the value creation process.


Wethio Blockchain Documentation

Satellite for communication and
Internet Services

Coming Soon

White paper


March 2020

Zyrri private sale Creation of the Zyrri token on Ethereum Private Sales : + 1000 investors

August 2020

Swap on Wethio Blockchain Zyrri ZRC-20

September 2020

Global launch of the ICO 7 rounds Introductory price: $ 0.37

March 2021

Edition of the Eco Villas plans

December 2021

Land acquisition Kick-off of construction.




Token Sale

  • Name: ZYRRI
  • Type: ZRC20
  • Symbol: ZYR
  • Platform: WETHIO
  • General release: 170,000,000 ZYR
General description

Zyrri, the trust system built for a sustainable, fair and balanced
community. Together, let us build the world of tomorrow.

Zyrri leverage the Wethio blockchain to power a complete
ecosystem through the Zyrri token that enables the
creation of a trust regime among disparate parties to
engage in smooth peer to peer transactions.
Zyrri token transactions are carried out with an escrow
mechanism driven by smart contracts.

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